Avoiding a Troubled Project

In a recent two part interview, I discussed my first experience with Troubled Projects, along with How Best to Avoid the Troubled Waters of Construction through the use of a Professional Quality Owner’s Representative, and what attributes to look for in an Owner’s Representative. Today, I would like to touch base on several of the […]

PART 2: An Interview with KMI International CEO and Co-Founder, John Manning

Last week we interviewed John Manning, CEO and Co-Founder of KMI International, and talked a little about his experience with troubled projects. Today, we speak with Mr. Manning and take a closer look at who is ultimately impacted by a troubled project and what owners can do to avoid complications. Q: Last week we spoke […]

PART 1: An Interview with KMI International CEO and Co-Founder, John Manning

In Part 1 of our 2-part interview, we sat down with John Manning, CEO and Co-Founder of KMI, to discuss and dive deeper into his experience with troubled project turnaround. Mr. Manning has over 40 years of professional experience in the construction industry and holds a Master’s degree in Engineering from the University of Florida. […]

Communicating the Estimate Involves Communication!

Whenever you hear frustration with a project exceeding the budget, inevitably a bad estimate is always given as one of the primary reasons. The next rationalization typically made is that good estimating teams are hard to find. As a construction professional with over 30 years of experience from both the contractor and owner representation sides […]

What should be covered in a Pre-Design Conference?

One of the most important meetings on any project is the Pre-Design Conference. It is critical that this meeting takes place to reinforce anything that is in writing in the Request for Proposal (RFP) to ensure that the Design Team understands the Owner’s goals on the project. This is also a meeting where the Design […]

Establishing BIM Goal and Objectives on a Project to the Owners’ Benefit

BIM is one of the latest tools that is revolutionizing the construction industry. As with any new tool, there are learning curves and the best recommendation is to find an expert in the industry to assist you. As the Owner’s Representative, it is important for you to understand how to properly implement BIM on a project. […]

What Are Critical Elements of a Design Consultant’s Contract? (Part 3 of 3)

In Parts 1 and 2 of “What are Critical Elements of a Design Consultant’s Contract”, important points were made regarding hiring Legal Counsel as well as notations about the importance of having a strong contract with the Design Professional, regardless of if AIA Documents are used/customized or a custom contract is created. While the choice […]

What Are Critical Elements of a Design Consultant’s Contract? (Part 2 of 3)

In Part 1 of “What are Critical Elements of a Design Consultant’s Contract,” important points were made regarding hiring Legal Counsel as well as notations about the importance of having a strong contract with the Design Professional, regardless of if AIA Documents are used/customized or a custom contract is created.  While the choice of using […]

Leadership And Productivity

The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things Ronald Regan Among my many duties as principal of KMI International, I participate in a fair number of forums that discuss the state of the construction industry. For years, [...]

What Are Critical Elements of a Design Consultant’s Contract? (Part 1 of 3)

The most critical element of a Design Consultant’s Contract is Legal Counsel. If the Owner does not have Legal Counsel, the Owner’s Representative should propose Legal Counsel to assist in the development of agreements for the Designer. Legal Counsel, with experience in construction, should be hired to assist in the development of all agreements. If [...]

How should an Owner select a Design Consultant and Contract for Design on a Project?

The most effective use of an Owner’s Budget on a project is to ensure that they have a good design. The lack of a complete and coordinated design on a project has resulted in many failed projects. Going cheap on a Design Team is the worst area to try to cut money on a project. […]

If All Else Fails – Communicate Effectively!

Many projects often bring to mind the famous line from Cool Hand Luke – “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.” One of the definitions of communication from Merriam Webster Dictionary is “a technique for expressing ideas effectively.” On today’s projects, everyone on the project seems to be communicating, whether that be talking, […]

The Importance of a Quality Management Plan and Why it Should be Completed Early!

Quality on a project, many times, is one of the last considerations for an Owner whom usually focuses first on cost and then schedule. At the end of the day, the Quality of a built project is extremely critical for a lot longer than the time it took to design and build it. In the […]

Why Early Clarification of the Owner’s Objectives is CRITICAL

As an Owner’s Representative one of the MOST CRITICAL tasks you must do is to ensure that the Owner’s Objectives are clear. Having testified in court on construction management issues, I have learned one of the most difficult things to overcome is an Owner who believes they bought “X” and received “Y” due to the […]

Why have a Master Schedule? What should be included in that schedule?

In parallel with the development of the budget is the development of the Master Project Schedule. This schedule will outline the goals of the Owner for the project with respect to time. The Owner’s representative should develop various alternative approaches for phasing, sequencing, management and implementation of the project from due diligence through commissioning. This […]

What Should be Considered in a Proper Project Site Due Diligence?

In the Pre-Design phase of the project there may be a need for additional due diligence studies to ensure that the project is feasible. One of the first due diligence studies could be a Property Condition Assessment (PCA). The standard format of PCA is detailed in ASTM E2018. As an Owner’s Representative when asked to […]

Preliminary Cost Investigations and the Importance of a detailed Budget!

The most critical segment of the pre-design phase is the development of a sound budget through good preliminary cost investigations. A project can be made or lost in those crucial first few days or weeks if careful thought is not put into the budget. Once the budget is set and the Owner gets its funding […]

What is critical in a Project Management System?

One of the key areas that require management on projects is the management of data. The larger the project the more data there is to manage. Projects have failed due to the lack of management of data. Over the past two decades the industry has moved from the era of hard copies in filing cabinets […]

Why you need good Project Procedures?

Good Project Procedures are critical for a well-run project. They help everyone on a project know the ground rules and processes needed to successfully work together as a team. It is critical that Owner’s Representatives take the lead in pulling a Procedure Manual together and detailing those processes to everyone on the project. A good […]

Why you need and what should be included in the Project Management Plan?

The Project Management Plan is the heart and soul of how the Owner’s Project Team will run the project. This plan outlines key visions of the leader of the Owner’s Representative Team on how the project should be run. Not having a plan will cause starts and stops in a project as the collective team […]

What is the Proper Organization for Your Project?

Logically the proper project organization will depend upon the size and complexity of the project. One thing that will never change is the need for there to be one key leader for the Owner on the project. We noted in our first blog of 2017 one of the key findings of research into failed projects […]

Broken Projects, Busted Budgets and Late Schedules – What is an Owner to do??

Research has shown that over the past 40 years manufacturing productivity has increased by over 200% while productivity in the construction industry has actually declined! Statistics in the industry have indicated that 70% to 90% of projects exceed the originally planned costs with overruns commonly between 50% and 100% of the budget. The key player […]

The Challenges Toward Widespread Acceptance of Green Building Ideas

  Although there is a rising acceptance in the concept of Sustainable Building, there are still many challenges in its full adoption and long-term practices. Many owners/developers are concerned about capital outlay or initial costs. However, there are many new products to help identify sustainable building as a separate concept from solar energy, green building, and other […]

The 7 Effective Skills of Project Leadership

KMI International’s Purpose is to Provide Expert Leadership in Project Management Services. KMI International works diligently to assist clients in adding value to their capital investment. Our key tenet is, Providing Leadership, Delivering Success! We take our role in project leadership very seriously. We understand what it takes to be an effective leader; and on […]

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