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KMI International is a global Program Management and Construction Consulting firm. Our focus is to add value to our clients’ capital investment with a full range of consultancy services. KMI’s expertise, leadership and management skills have led us to becoming one of the most sought after trusted construction advisors. We know being a leader requires listening to our clients’ needs, staying focused on details, employing conviction, and in those last hours of the project being just as tenacious as we were in the beginning. We take great pride in the services we offer and we credit our success and growth not just solely from our expertise and experience but in conjunction with our unwavering commitment to being client focused.

“Achieving the CCM shows your commitment to professional excellence in the Construction Management industry and that you possess the technical knowledge and the proven practical experience to guide projects to success.”

Construction Management Association of America

/ CMAA Professional Construction Management Course Training

In coordination with CMAA, KMI  International offers one of the best virtual education opportunities for Construction Managers and companies who are preparing their employees for the CCM exam, looking to maintain their current certification, who would just like to expand on their construction management skills.


In today’s market, the planning, design, construction and delivery of any capital project or development requires the coordination of a variety of professionals, resources and services. To effectively coordinate the project or program and ensure successful completion, KMI offers comprehensive, turnkey solutions tailored to meet the client’s needs. Our expertise covers every aspect of managing a construction project so that clients have the invaluable knowledge to make well-informed decisions and the foresight to alleviate potential problems before they arise. KMI’s services ensure risk mitigation, budget control and delivery on quality & schedule.

/ Cost Estimating


KMI offers cost estimating services to provide clients with a well-developed project budget so they can make well-informed financial decisions for their project or program. We understand the importance of a clear baseline of project costs and the importance of working with the entire project team to ensure the budget is maintained, cost drivers are tracked and the project can be constructed for the established budget.

/ Construction Scheduling

“Time is Money” has great meaning in the development of a program or project. Proper time management is critical to the success of every project. KMI provides professional construction scheduling services to plan the work and work the plan. We provide the framework for a project’s effective time management. We monitor the progress to ensure the schedule is achieved. With KMI’s Scheduling Services, clients can have the peace of mind that their project will be successfully delivered on time.

/ Property Condition Assessments


Construction quality, integrity and physical conditions of a property are crucial factors in the analysis of commercial real estate property values. KMI offers professional property condition assessments to provide clients with a clear understanding of the physical state and financial requirements of any real estate property. KMI provides the information needed to allow buyers, sellers, investors, lenders, and owners to accurately assess the property value, as well as the financial requirements the property will demand in the future.

/ Troubled Project Turnaround


KMI has the experience and resources to take control of a project’s management responsibility when problems causing serious cost, schedule or quality issues arise. We provide Troubled Project Turnaround services to effectively complete projects that have become distressed, delinquent or in any other way troubled. Our professional construction managers, engineers and contract and litigation support experts ensure troubled projects are realigned to mitigate unwanted impacts.

/ Dispute Resolution and Litigation Support


When construction controversy that becomes subject to the legal process, KMI provides dispute resolution and litigation support. We provide objective information and documentation with the clarity necessary to effectively mediate conflicting interests. KMI can assemble a team of experts, through all phases of the litigation process, who are among the best in identifying and analyzing design and construction deficiencies, as well as delays and disruption, defect evaluation, and expert witness testimony to ensure the best and most expeditious outcome.

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