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Nowhere does the phrase, “Time is Money” have greater meaning than in the context of a development project. Proper time management is critical to the success of any project. Proper schedule consulting provides the ability to plan out the entire project from day one and allocate resources to avoid complications before they occur. KMI International provides professional, focused scheduling services to keep the flow of progress on track, avoiding delays and budget overruns through effective planning of the schedule.

KMI’s scheduling services provide a framework for effective time management and consists of two main objectives – “Plan the Work” and “Work the Plan”. Development of an effective overall schedule requires all parties and their project obligations be factored into the Master Schedule. Critical Path items and milestones must also be planned in proper sequence. Time allotments must be based on realistic industry practices, as well as feedback from the parties involved in the project. Workflow and progress must be monitored against the set schedule to ensure milestones are achieved–and if delays occur, a recovery or mitigation plan is immediately developed and put into place to eliminate the overall impact.

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KMI understands that variables like limited time and available funds greatly impact projects. With our professional scheduling services we help streamline projects for improved revenue and on-time delivery!

KMI utilizes Primavera P6 as our software of choice. We develop detailed, functional schedules and monitor progress as work is performed. Coupled with the expertise of KMI’s Professional Team, these tools enable us to analyze delay and disruption impacts, which can be used later to bolster legal arguments should a claim arise.

KMI’s Scheduling services give clients the assurance that their project can and will be successfully delivered on time! Our focus is to provide clients with the specialized knowledge, experience and resources to navigate through the complexities of a project or program.


  • Master Program Schedule
  • Baseline Schedule Development
  • Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling
  • Resource and Cost Loaded Schedules
  • Schedule Monitoring and Updating
  • Rolling Look-Ahead Schedules (2 To 4 Weeks)
  • Schedule Recovery and Mitigation Plans
  • Planned Vs as-built Schedule Analysis
  • Acceleration and Time Impact Analysis
  • Change Order Negotiation

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