Program Management

/ Turnkey Solution

In today’s market, the planning, design, construction and delivery of any capital project or development requires the coordination of a variety of professionals, resources and services. To effectively coordinate the project or program and ensure successful completion, KMI offers comprehensive, turnkey solutions tailored to meet client needs. Our expertise covers every aspect of managing a construction project so that clients have the the foresight to alleviate potential problems and the knowledge to make well-informed decisions.

/ Pre-Construction Planning

Learn how the market changes and effects it could have on your project.

By developing the project’s requirements, budget and schedule, along with selecting the right delivery method and identifying potential risks & opportunities, KMI assists clients in making well informed decisions to move forward with the project.

Assembling the right team for your project is a critical component for its success. Identifying the expertise needed and selecting the most qualified to design and build the project, requires significant research; but more importantly, it requires a cohesive team. When there are gaps in communication there is greater potential to have;

  • Gaps in scope
  • Dissimilar interdisciplinary specifications of systems and components
  • An abundance of RFI’s and Change Orders
  • Operational Issues

KMI understands these are areas that cost time and money to remedy and works to establish communication protocols needed to keep the team aware, on target and working together.

/ Design

The Art of Managing the Design

Without a strong management team focused on the project requirements throughout the design phase, a project can stray off course by the end of design, leaving the Owner potentially facing budget overruns, an underestimated schedule for completion or a design that does not meet expectations. These issues are not uncommon. To mitigate problems during the design phase, KMI provides leadership and direction by integrating with the design team to provide constant feedback on design estimates, schedule development, constructability, and compliance with project requirements. A properly managed design process should have a smooth and timely transition into procurement and construction.

/ Procurement

Ensuring the Best Means to Purchase

So that there are no surprises prior to a contract being executed, KMI takes into consideration all of the factors that comprise a complete budget, scope and schedule. KMI’s recommendations are solely for the benefit of the Project. We keep the owner apprised of all risks and unnecessary burdens that could hinder the project’s most efficient path to completion. By creating RFPs, which compliment any stage of drawings and convey the full intent of the project scope, clients gain an accurate understanding of project costs and time. This process unveils less variation in scope comprehension between bidders, which ultimately results in a more competitive bid solicitation.

/ Construction

Managing from the Ground Up

The construction process requires coordination and management to keep the process flowing, maintaining quality and schedule, and controlling risk. KMI implements a structured process to operationalize the management component of constructing the project.

The leadership role is paramount during the construction phase. A project has its best opportunity for success by assisting the Contractor with;

  • Activity forecasting
  • Change management resolution
  • Regular updates on issues and solutions
  • Utilization of an intuitive Project Management Information System
  • Commitment to quality control

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