Property Condition Assessments

/ True Value of a Property

The construction quality, structural and mechanical integrity, and physical condition of a property are all crucial factors in the analysis of commercial real estate property values. To provide clients with a clear picture of the true value of a property, or assess the total extent of property damage, KMI performs professional Property Condition Assessments and conducts thorough Due Diligence Studies to accurately evaluate a property’s physical state in financial terms.

With a staff of licensed experienced assessment personnel under the direction of professional engineers, KMI offers property condition assessments performed in general accordance with ASTM E2018-15.

/ Comprehensive Condition Report

KMI provides a comprehensive condition reports, which detail conditions of a facility’s: overall sites; structural and architectural features; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems; and any signs of material damage, deterioration or functional obsolescence that could detract from the property’s value or operability.

KMI’s full property condition assessment provides complete cost estimates to remedy deficiencies found due to poor design, lack of maintenance, physical damage, or use of low−quality materials. Estimates are presented in cost tables, which reflect items that require immediate attention to meet legal or safety requirements, and items where cost can be deferred into the near future as their useful life expires.

Whether conducting due diligence studies for a real estate transaction or assessing the present value of a damaged or under maintained facility, there is no better way to more fully understand a property’s true state than with a comprehensive property condition assessment.

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