Troubled Project Turnaround

/ Realigning the Project

KMI has the experience and resources to take control of a project’s management responsibility when problems causing serious cost, schedule or quality issues arise. We provide Troubled Project Turnaround services to effectively complete projects that have become distressed, delinquent or in any other way troubled. Our professional construction managers, engineers and contract and litigation support experts ensure troubled projects are realigned to mitigate unwanted impacts.

/ In-Depth Analysis

Once a project’s management responsibilities are turned over to KMI, we conduct an in−depth analysis of the source of problems plaguing the project. We review past work performance and contractual documents to uncover instances where performance failures have caused problems. KMI highlights areas where projects have become disjointed from budget and schedule guidelines. We observe instances where safety regulations may have been overlooked. We inspect design documents to uncover any areas where engineering or architectural flaws present problems for the project’s constructability.

KMI’s exhaustive approach to analyzing the root cause of a problem, enables us to create a recovery plan that specifically addresses the issues, which caused the project to become problematic. To ensure projects are effectively brought back on track, KMI’s recovery plans are produced with detailed schedules, work procedures, material and equipment allocation plans, cash flow and budget projections, and the financial requirements needed to effectively recover the project. Due to the nature of project turnarounds, KMI produces and implements recovery plans at an expedited rate to ensure capital impact is immediately minimized and the project is quickly stabilized.

/ Troubled Project Turnaround Services

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